Comparing in-person German lessons with online lessons

When considering the study of German in London, students have the option to select between in-person or online lessons. Both approaches offer distinct benefits, and learners should evaluate their personal preferences and educational objectives. This comparative examination delves into the advantages of in-person German instruction. An Immersive Learning Environment with In-Person Lessons A notable advantage […]

The vital role of language learning in a ChatGPT Era

In a world increasingly shaped by advanced technologies like ChatGPT, the importance of foreign language learning may seem diminished at first glance. However, the opposite holds true. While ChatGPT and other AI-driven tools have undoubtedly transformed communication, the demand for individuals proficient in foreign languages remains high. In fact, foreign language skills have become a […]

Which London businesses engage a German Tutor?

London businesses find that having German-speaking staff generates more success when transacting in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. You may wonder what type of companies engage the services of a German tutor in London. There probably aren’t many industries that German Language Coach has not taught. Which industry needs German language talent? Many of our German […]

Lack of foreign languages & the economic costs

Shortage of language skills A shortage of language skills has been identified as a barrier to trade. A recent British Chamber of Commerce survey shows that 70% of businesses have no foreign language abilities in the markets they serve. With the second-biggest UK export market being Germany, insufficient German language skills would hold back any […]

The steroids for language learners

Google translate appears to be a handy tool when you learn German. A word or phrase in English often produces the desired result in a foreign target language. Students often assume that online translation software or dictionaries are acceptable instruments when learning German. Learning German An online dictionary is convenient when abroad and needing to […]

Who learns German in London?

We often get asked whether there is a market for learning German in the City of London and who learns German and why. Yes, there is a large market for foreign language learning, especially German. Corporations approaching us are German companies co-opting their staff to learn German or reacquaint themselves with the language at some stage. Then some people […]

Understanding word frequency in German

A frequency dictionary can be of great help when learning German. It does not, however, replace a conventional bilingual or monolingual dictionary. Let’s look at a few German words and their frequency in the German language: the most frequent word being the definite articles der, die, and das and their various forms. You may already […]

Why learning German is so worthwhile

The British don’t have the best reputation for proficient speakers of foreign languages. Changes to school curriculums are attempting to remedy this situation and prevent future generations from being thought “lazy” by the rest of Europe because so many of us don’t take the trouble to learn a second language. But is it too late […]

Three good reasons to learn German

German is widely spoken in Europe: Count the 80 Million inhabitants of Germany, add Austria, the German-speaking part of Switzerland plus Luxemburg, and German-speaking minorities in Northern Italy, Southern Denmark and the Alsace in France, and you get the picture. Of course, there is more than just the holiday aspect since Germany is not exactly […]