How do you learn German?

If you want to learn German, you might consider a self-learning course, contact a language school or engage a private tutor.

Autodidactic learning is probably the most cost-effective way of picking up a new language, and you don’t have to schlepp halfway across London to attend classes. Some get pretty far in using that method. However, this method proves difficult to see how much progress you have made; it requires a lot of self-discipline and does not allow you to put your new language skills to much use straight away.

German Language Schools

Then there are language schools where you can learn in a classroom environment with six to ten, or sometimes up to twenty aspiring German speakers. That number usually drops, and as you persevere, you will benefit from the smaller class that usually transpires after a few weeks into the course. The downside is that the class moves forward in line with the progress of the slowest learner. Individual strengths and weaknesses of students often have to be ignored as the course syllabus will be kept generic to accommodate everyone’s learning objectives and aptitude.

German Language Tutors

You might also consider engaging a private German tutor. The obvious advantage is that your course syllabus is tailored toward your needs and aptitude. There are plenty of opportunities to practise, progress will be fast, and the timid learner does not have to feel embarrassed when making mistakes in front of a larger group. Maybe your tutor is even willing to come to your office or home to conduct lessons, which would save you the journey to and from class.

If you want to learn German and have questions about what would work best for you, please get in touch.

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