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Our experienced German tutors are all native speakers. We teach private German lessons courses at every level. Adult education is our specialism and we teach only one language – German. We deliver our German courses and lessons at offices and homes in London. Being independent of the academic year means we can start any time. Lesson and course timings can be adjusted on a week to week basis. This flexibility combined with on-site and in-comany delivery makes it possible to integrate learning German into a busy schedule. The syllabi are structured towards the students’ levels and aims. That allows for faster progress when learning German. Our pricing is competitive and offers even better value when committed to studying German long term.

Learning German and then communicating in the language adds an sense of achievement, greatly enhances career prospects and broadens the horizon. After all, German remains the most sought after foreign language amongst UK employers and the German in-laws. Mastering the German language requires motivation, tenacity and a good German teacher. That is where German Language Coach comes in as a well established language tuition firm in London.

  • I started my 1-to-1 German lessons with Stefan in August 2014. Previously I had taken classes (up to 12 people) with a school, but was getting nowhere fast.Within a few weeks of starting the lessons with Stefan my German level improved greatly and continues to do so. With a flexible teaching plan we have been able to tailor the lessons to my abilities (or lack thereof!) and needs.I am delighted with my progress which has been much quicker than I could have imagined. And my German wife is also continually impressed with my progress.I would highly recommend Stefan if you really want to learn German and get a real grasp of all aspects of the language - writing, speaking. listening.

    Mark Graham Avatar
    Mark G.

    I was looking to continue my progress in German and was in London for a week. Stefan was able to schedule me in, assess my current level and keep me moving. Both professional and personable I hope I can find someone like him to give me instruction back home. I would highly recommend to anyone in London looking to learn German.

    Martin Crawford Avatar
    Martin C.

    Stefan worked at a pace that was comfortable for me, he paid particular attention to ensure that each weeks sessions were fully learnt before moving on. This aspect was important for me as this is my learning style.Thank you Stefan

    Carol Jackson-Doerge Avatar
    Carol J.
  • I've taken German lessons from Stefan for over 2y now and have progressed a lot in that time. I most appreciated his flexibility and ease of lessons, coming to my office in the city with everything needed for our lessons - I just had to turn up, hopefully with my homework done 🙂 Recommend him to all trying to improve their German, especially their conversation and own speaking level.

    Olivia Muir Avatar
    Olivia M.

    Well-organised, interesting and enjoyable lessons; I definitely feel that my German has progressed a lot.

    Martin Nesbit Avatar
    Martin N.

    I enjoyed my lessons with Stefan immensely. He explains things clearly and there is a logical progression between topics and themes each week. In particular, he personalises your learning to your experiences and what you will find most useful day-to-day. Most importantly, it is fun, and I would thoroughly recommend GLC to anyone that is interested in learning German and/or taking it to the next level.

    Will Bryant Avatar
    Will B.
  • I have had 1:1 lessons with Stefan Oloffs over a year and have been very pleased with Stefan's diligence, punctuality and personable character. The lessons were always well prepared covering current affairs as well as specialist vocabulary, as determined by my work requirements. I wholly recommend the German Language Coach.

    Vina T Avatar
    Vina T.

    I had a 6 lesson crash course on the basics with Stefan before moving to Germany. Stefan tailored the lesson well to my needs and I really appreciated his teaching style

    Michael Frenzel Avatar
    Michael F.

    I wanted to cover a lot of ground in German in order to be able to apply for a job that requires nearly proficient German knowledge. The tutor adjusted the pace to my needs and I have progressed immensely in a short period of time. The lessons are always fun and interesting and they consist of a balanced combination of grammar, vocabulary and conversation. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the services and I would highly recommend German Language Coach.Thanks Kathrin and Stefan.

    Dimitrios Fragkos Avatar
    Dimitrios F.
  • I have one-to-one lessons with German Language Coach since 2 years and a half. The lessons are very entertaining, fun and my German has improved significantly. I would recommend the German Language Coach team to anybody who is looking for a serious coach, with a well defined program aimed at helping the student achieving long lasting results. 5 stars!

    Andrea Ehrhardt Avatar
    Andrea E.

    I organised some German language lessons for our staff through German Language Coach and everyone's feedback about Stefan is always fantastic. He has tutored groups at various levels of ability and adapted well to all our needs.

    Maria Volkova Avatar
    Maria V.

    Couple of months ago I decided to start learning German and after some research on Google came across German Language Coach. I immediately liked the idea of structuring the lessons regarding the individual's goals and pace, as that was what I was looking for. I liked the speed with which my first lesson was orginized so that I could start my lessons without wasting my enthusiasm! The course itself was brilliant, interesting, challenging, motivating. I am already having small talks in German at parties and able to read newspapers without much consultation of the dictionary. Since I am moving to LA in couple of weeks, I was suggested Skype sessions in order to continue my studies, which is another great option available. The course fully met my expectations, I do recommend it to anyone interested in learning German.

    Julia Kogay Avatar
    Julia K.
  • The German Language Coach is excellent. I began with face to face sessions with my coach, Stefan, but switched to Zoom during Covid. Both work perfectly for me. Stefan is a patient coach who establishes what your goals are and helps you achieve them in a speedy manner. Highly recommended.

    Stuart Graham Avatar
    Stuart G.

    German Language Coach, led by Stefan, is a great way to improve your German. The program was tailored to my needs. Some grammar interventions to get to the next level of proficiency. Some confidence-building conversations on relevant topics. During a 3-month long negotiation in Vienna, I was able to switch to fluent German after a few early sessions in English.

    kanat emiroglu Avatar
    kanat e.

    German Language Coach is extremely professional. I have been taking lessons for over 3 years in order to be able to speak to my Austrian family. I have regular lessons and discuss, politics,
    Current affairs and restaurants on a regular basis in German. I even gave a short public speech in German.

    Ben K Avatar
    Ben K.
  • I would definitely recommend German Language Coach and Stefan in particular if you need to improve your German language skills. I work for an asset manager in the City and had to improve my German in order to interact with German investors. I have been having 2 lessons per week with Stefan for the past 2 years and I have seen great progress, Stefan will adapt the course depending on your needs and is also able to help if you need to prepare a presentation in German.

    Romain Pradines Avatar
    Romain P.

    Very good service. Tailored to the needs of students, flexible on timing and location. Highly recommend.

    catarina vaz afonso Avatar
    catarina v.

    I started learning German to prepare for a trip. The lessons have been very interactive and enjoyable. It certainly helps that they are tailored to suit my level and learning style, and are held at my flat at the times convenient to me. I have learnt a lot in such a short time and would highly recommend German Language Coach to anyone wanting to learn the German language and culture.

    Kanangnut Yingyong Avatar
    Kanangnut Y.
  • Stefan and I have been working together for over 9 months now and he has helped me make rapid practical progress as well as improve my confidence!

    Paul G Avatar
    Paul G.

    Helped a lot, especially for understanding the subtlety of German grammar. Recommend.

    Saskia Knauf Avatar
    Saskia K.

    My German has been transformed by working with German Language Coach.In the four years I’ve been seeing my tutor I’ve made a huge amount of progress, measured in my confidence to speak, both at my lessons and with people I meet for work. It has improved my basics and also the nuances as well.Highly recommended!David

    David Christie Avatar
    David C.
  • I had lessons from Stefan for 3 months, as preparation for moving to Germany. I had zero German at the start, but Stefan used a highly structured approach to teach me the basics, focusing on correct grammar and usage. He was always very well prepared with a clear plan for each lesson and and he put a lot of effort into tailoring the lessons to me, including going back and repeating material to make sure it 'stuck'. For anyone serious about wanting to learn German, I highly recommend Stefan.

    Mark Buckle Avatar
    Mark B.

    I have been working with Stefan for quite a few years now. His patience and flexibility is admirable. To me, learning through conversations rather than only practicing grammar is important. Our conversations covering everything from the German political landscape, history and culture is a highlights and provides me with a lot more than only the ability to practice my German language. Highly recommended.

    Henrik Matsen Avatar
    Henrik M.

    Stefan is a brilliant German coach. I feel three things are important when it comes to coaching a new language. Having a good structure, keeping things interesting so interest in learning keep going and good connection between tutor and student. Stefan hit the spots in these three areas (and more).

    herve humbert Avatar
    herve h.
  • I've been working with German Language Coach for several years now, and it has been great. The lessons are interactive and are paced well, and Stefan is a very helpful and patient teacher. The lessons are one of my favourite parts of the week - highly recommended!!

    A L Avatar
    A L.

    I have been learning German with Stefan for a little over 2 years now - initially to support some work travel to Germany but I have continued with it throughout COVID to continue with something that I have enjoyed. Stefan's approach is well tailored to my needs and being able to speak to someone and learn is a huge benefit over only online tools. Highly recommended.

    Jon W Avatar
    Jon W.

    German Language Coach is extremely professional. I have been taking lessons for over 3 years in order to be able to speak to my Austrian family. I have regular lessons and discuss, politics,Current affairs and restaurants on a regular basis in German. I even gave a short public speech in German.

    Ben K Avatar
    Ben K.
  • I've been working with Stefan for nearly four years now and my German has improved very much. Under Stefan's teaching my German colleagues noticed a marked improvement and I am able to carny on conversations with our German colleagues and customers. The lessons themselves are a mix of grammatical exercises, free conversations, and structured topic-based multimedia interaction. They are well-tailored to my level and Stefan pays attention to explaining concepts clearly and is able to both spend time of difficult concepts while introducing new elements to keep things fresh.I wholeheartedly recommend German Language Coach to anybody considering German instruction at any level.

    George Pokorny Avatar
    George P.

    The lessons are very interesting and allow me to learn a lot. I really enjoy my online classes, learn a lot and have a nice time as well.Stefan is the best and most patient teacher and makes sure you learn well.

    Sweta Mehta Avatar
    Sweta M.

    I’ve been having lessons for a number of years with Stefan. He is an effective teacher and my German has significantly improved. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

    Marcus Browne Avatar
    Marcus B.
  • German Language Coach provided superb one-to-one German lessons that helped me to make an incredibly fast progress to brush and build my German language skills. Tailor-made study content, excellent practice materials and flexible time arrangements are all you need for effective studies. And most importantly, Stefan was very professional and provided great motivation to prepare for the exam. Vielen Dank!

    tamu vaid Avatar
    tamu v.

    I started private lessons after not having much luck with Rosetta Stone and the experience could not have been more different. Stefan allowed me to build my confidence, understanding how I like to learn and adapting the lessons accordingly. This gave me the confidence to progress faster than I ever imagined possible. The balance between grammar, writing and speaking allowed for very quick progress. Thanks for your patience, support and for making learning German interesting.

    Mark Dudman Avatar
    Mark D.

    Stefan significantly improved my German in such a short space of time. He encouraged me to solely speak in German each lesson, even though I had little confidence in my German ability. However after a few months I grew more confident and loved speaking and making jokes in German. Fun work exercises were given to me to consolidate my grammar and were of great help to me. i thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Stefan. Would highly recommend him to anyone of any level!

    Chris Coutts Avatar
    Chris C.

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