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German language Coach tips for learning GermanIt can be exciting to learn a new language; it gives you new opportunities, helps you learn more about another culture and happens to be very impressive! Whatever reason you have for deciding to learn German, here’s five top tips to not only help you learn faster, but learn smarter and be on your way to speaking and understanding fluent German.

1) Practice learning to speak German. Often, we can get stuck in the habit of reading textbooks, focusing mainly on how German is written down and the correct spelling and grammar. Whilst this is a fundamental factor in learning any language, it helps you to understand the language better if you can speak out loud whenever you can. It will increase your speed, help you learn how to phrase words and also gives others the opportunity to correct you.

2) Practice learning the specifics. The German language has ‘rules’ (like any other) but where it can get confusing is that their are 3 ‘genders’ depending on what you’re referencing and who you’re addressing. Nail these and keep practising and memorising them, and you’ll learn correctly and save yourself from having to go back and re-learn.

3) Pay attention to German media. It’s all very well learning by yourself or with a tutor, but in your spare time you should try to listen to the language being used by native speakers, to get used to how sentences are formed and how the language is used naturally in conversation. Watch German films, listen to German radio, even listen to German music and read German newspapers and magazines.

4) Persist with your practising. In the beginning it might seem that you’re learning so much to the point where it feels like you’ll be chatting away casually in fluent German in no time! It’s natural to hit a brick wall though at some point, where you’re finding it hard to retain correct usage of words, grammar, spelling and phrases. However, if you carry on through and make sure you practise every day, the language will begin to become second nature and what you’ve learned will stick with you.

5) Get help from a tutor. The best way to learn correctly to begin with is to have a tutor help you. They will get you started on the right foot to begin with and stop you from forming bad habits, which can be easy to learn but hard to undo! This way, all of the other points will reinforce your learning even more effectively. If you’re looking for a German tutor in London, why not contact us?

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