The steroids for language learners

Google translate appears to be a handy tool when you learn German. A word or phrase in English often produces the desired result in a foreign target language.

Students often assume that online translation software or dictionaries are acceptable instruments when learning German.

Learning German

An online dictionary is convenient when abroad and needing to look up a word or phrase. What about online translation tools when learning a language? In my experience, a conventional dictionary is indispensable for several reasons. Learners retain content from traditional printed material better than online material. A dictionary also shows the flection of verbs, the gender and plural form of nouns, cases required and if a verb is transitive or intransitive. Online dictionaries lack that function. In addition, dictionaries often have helpful example sentences, and if studying at an intermediate or advanced level, then using a thesaurus would be even more beneficial.

Before hitting the online order button, why not visit a bookshop and look at a few dictionaries to see what works best for you? You can also get in touch; one of our German tutors will be happy to help.

Remember, steroids are helpful in a race but never in the long run. Learning German or any other foreign language is all about perseverance.

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