Private German Tutor versus Classes

I receive many enquiries throughout the year from prospects looking to learn German in London. Most are in a hurry and would like to be fluent in no time. I have previously written a blog article on whether learning German is a sprint or a marathon; please check out the article if it is of interest.

The question now arises to use the services of a private German tutor or attend classes. One argument is that private tuition, in the long run, not only saves you time but also money. How is that possible, you may ask, with private German tuition being more expensive in the first place?

A private German tutor saves time

No matter how many classes you attend, you will progress at the pace of the slowest learner, whereby with private tuition, assuming you are a fast learner, your progression will be faster compared with classroom learning. Another advantage is that private German lessons can be tailored toward your current level and aims. All learning is good, but focusing studies on areas where you and not others need to improve certainly aids you more in improving your German language skills. Perhaps you are learning German to speak to business partners and colleagues; the syllabus of your German lessons will be very different from the syllabus of someone learning German to pass a language test for their German citizenship application or speak to their German in-laws. Looking at homework is also a lot swifter in a one-to-one setting than it would be in reviewing the homework of all classroom participants.

A private German tutor saves money

There are bound to be days when you cannot attend class due to other commitments. Rearranging a class would be nearly impossible. However, with private tuition, you will be able to arrange the timing of lessons a lot more flexible and are therefore less likely to miss a lesson.

Then you also have to bear in mind that you can choose to concentrate or be absent-minded in a classroom setting. That choice is nearly impossible with private tuition, where the focus is on you throughout the lesson. Admittedly, private lessons can be pretty intense, but you will quickly get used to them.

Do get in touch if I have aroused your interest in learning German, whether in a one-to-one or classroom setting.

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