New Year Resolution

Learning a language not only connects you to a new culture and new people but gives you a new perspective of the world, or at least a unique perspective of the country whose language you are learning.

Learning German in London

German Language Coach provides German language courses in London based on levels A1 to C2 and has helped many people learn or improve their German. We teach German in one-to-one and group settings and run German courses online.

Some of our students learn to brush up on their German language skills to pitch to German clients; others want to deliver a speech in German or comprehend the language to impress their German in-laws. Some students learn for six months, while others have been with us for several years. Each student is different, and therein lies the challenge when teaching.

Making progress

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Perfectionists will find that difficult. Extroverts have it easier; introverts take a little longer to speak. Do not let your mistakes discourage you from continuing to learn.

In most cases, students think they are struggling with grammar. That is, in my experience, not the case. The key is to learn vocabulary. Some students have to learn how to learn before seeing marked progress.

What languages do you speak, and have you a new year resolution for 2022? Perhaps speaking German is your goal!

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