German Language Coach

German tutors for private lessons and online German courses

Our experienced German tutors are all native speakers. We teach private German lessons and online courses at every level. Adult education is our specialism and we teach only one language – German. We deliver our German courses and private lessons at offices and homes in London as well as online. Being autonomous of the academic year means that we can start any time. Lesson and course timings can be adjusted on a week to week basis. This flexibility combined with on-site, online and in-comany delivery makes it possible to integrate learning German into a busy schedule. The syllabi are structured towards the students’ levels and aims. That allows for fast progress when learning German. Our pricing is competitive and offers even better value when committed to studying German long term.

Learning German and then communicating in the language adds an enormous sense of achievement, greatly enhances career prospects and broadens the horizon. After all, German remains the most sought after foreign language amongst UK employers and the German in-laws. Mastering the German language requires motivation, tenacity and a good German teacher. That is where German Language Coach comes in as a well established language tuition firm in London.

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