We make German your business

German Tutors in London

Our German tutors are all native speakers with a specialism in adult education. We teach German language courses in London at levels A1 – C2 to the highest standard and teach only one language – German. We have all been teaching at German Language Coach for numerous years, and with that, we guarantee long-term tutor continuity. Our course material is up to date, and we extensively use audio-visual and multi-media resources. On offer are not just German language lessons but also an insight into the German-speaking countries’ culture and business world.

Mastering the German language requires motivation, tenacity and a good German tutor. Be it conversational or business German; our tutors have the expertise. Understanding your goals, level, and aptitude makes learning German straightforward.

German Language Courses

If you already speak German, take our placement test, and we will structure your lesson and course syllabi for your level. Bespoke German tuition allows for rapid progress when learning German. German lessons and courses are structured to include topics relevant to the communication you will encounter.

Completing one of our German language courses adds a sense of achievement. Speaking German greatly enhances career prospects, improves the ability to do business in German-speaking Europe and broadens the horizon. After all, German remains the most sought-after foreign language amongst UK employers and German in-laws.


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