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You are learning German and wondered where you could practice listening and comprehension. Podcasts are a great way of listening to German on the bus, on the tube or whilst walking. It can take quite some time to work through before you find what suits you best.

We produce our German language podcast, which you can access here:

I thought it’d be a good idea to let you know which other podcasts we recommend to our students at various levels:

A great podcast for beginners is ‘Mission Europe’. Provided by Deutsche Welle, a public broadcaster from Germany, is best suited to those with no prior knowledge of German. The podcast is free and has exercises, audio, videos and tests.

Also from Deutsche Welle is ‘Marktplatz – Business German’ – a podcast covering German economics and business topics. This podcast is for intermediate learners. Twenty-six chapters, each chapter with an audio file and manuscript, will teach you everything needed to conduct business in Germany.

Then there is ‘Slow German‘, a free podcast produced by Annik Rubens – a broadcast journalist from Munich. With a clear, concise voice and non-accentuated German, Annik has great podcasts for advanced learners, covering topics from everyday life in Germany.

Starting German lessons would be best if you need help conversing or writing in German. Get in touch!

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