Practice makes perfect

One of the things learners of any language frequently lament is the lack of opportunities outside of their lessons to practice what they’ve learnt. Your German classes will help you develop your speaking and writing skills. However, you can help further develop your listening and reading skills by availing yourself of some of the many online resources at your disposal.

German Language Podcasts

We’ve recommended some German-language podcasts in a previous blog, but you could also try listening to German radio or watching TV via the internet. Listening to different people talking can boost your comprehension. German broadcasting station Radio Deutsche Welle has a wide selection of audio and video clips ideal for beginners and intermediate learners, including slowly spoken news bulletins (langsam gesprochene Nachrichten). Don’t be put off just because you can’t understand every word at first; just try to pick out the important ones so that you get the gist of the story.

There is also a wealth of material online that can help you brush up your reading skills. Why not look for German-language websites that deal with topics related to your work or hobbies? This will help to focus and maintain your interest and will also supply you with useful vocabulary should you be called upon to talk a bit about yourself when you meet German associates and acquaintances.

Language students today have access to so many valuable learning opportunities thanks to the internet, so make the most of them. These activities are used to the greatest advantage when coupled with the solid foundation in the language that our German lessons with native tutors provide, so take a look at the learning delivery methods we offer, including one-to-one and group training.

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