Concentration during an online German course

You may find it hard to concentrate during your online German course. Rest assured, you are not alone. Hence I would like to share some tips on improving concentration:

Time management

Course time is your time. You’ve signed up for the course to learn German. Make sure it is not going to waste, and make the most of it! 

Before starting your lesson, have a few minutes to review your homework and the previous lesson’s topic. Prepare questions that you may have for your German tutor; ideally, write them down so you can table them all. Upload your homework and review the vocabulary that you’ve been learning.


It is essential to set apart time for your lessons. Make sure your diary is free, and you have a few minutes before the start of the lesson to ensure your Internet connection is stable and your microphone and loudspeakers/headphones are working. Let people in your vicinity know that you are unavailable for the duration of your lesson. Close the door of the room. On-screen distraction should be reduced: close email apps and disable notifications on your computer. Turn off your mobile phone and put it in a hard-to-reach place. The fewer distractions there are, the better.

Make sure you’ve eaten before the lesson and are well hydrated. 

Learning German last thing in the evening after work may also be a reason for low concentration. Language learning can be intense; perhaps daytime or early morning lessons allow you to concentrate better. 

Now you are all set to begin your lesson. 

After the lesson, ensure you update your notes, set a time for when you would like to do your homework, and schedule the next lesson.

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