Success Stories

E. Dvorakova, Director, Citi, London
‘I wanted to get more fluent in German and approached German Language Coach. I have had a dedicated German Tutor assigned to me and he has greatly helped me to become more fluent in German. I have received consistently excellent and interesting German lessons and would definitely recommend German Language Coach to people wanting to improve their German.’

citi, German Language Coach

J. Matthew, Vice President – Asset Management, Allianz Specialised Investments, London
‘The learning objective was to improve my fluency in German and to review my German grammar. German Language Coach is certainly a big help in achieving my goal. They have been sending an enthusiastic Tutor to my office and it has been a pleasure reacquainting myself with the German Language’

allianz, German Language Coach

Voestalpine UK Limited
‘Voestalpine has been working with German Language Coach for a number of years to improve the German language skills of our London based employees. The tutors are qualified native speakers and structure the courses around relevant topics to suit our industry and profession. The course participants enjoy their lessons and make noticeable progress with their German.’

Voestalpine UK Limited, German Language Coach

G. Pokorny, Director of European Operations, Open Table Europe, London
‘I have been working with German Language Coach for over a year and I am very happy with the results. My colleagues in Germany have noticed a marked improvement in my use of the language, and I am confident during my business trips to Germany. I have a lot more to learn and I appreciate my tutor’s ability to tailor the lessons to my needs and keep them interesting with a good mix of cultural and grammar tasks. I highly recommend German Language Coach.’

opentable, German Language Coach

T. Knight, TKTL Solicitors, London
‘My colleague and I started having lessons in 2017. We both have a lot of clients in Germany and therefore wanted to improve our German language skills. We are having well structured lessons that include a lot of speaking, reading, written tasks, grammar and vocabulary work. Our tutor regularly sets us home work for self study. We have had the same tutor for the past two and a half years. Learning a language is never easy, but I very much enjoy my lessons and my German has greatly improved which is indispensible in assisting me build lasting client relationships in Germany.’

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H. Humbert, European Business Development Manager – The Carbon Trust, London
‘Being responsible for Business Development in Europe, I am keen on improving my German. German Language Coach is great in helping me to reacquaint myself with the German language.’

carbon-trust, German Language Coach

K. Tasker, Managing Director – Railbookers, London
‘Due to my work commitments, I am unable to attend regular class room lessons. German Language Coach send a tutor to my office on a weekly basis. Their service is excellent, their approach flexible and my German has greatly improved. Certainly a firm I would recommend for German tuition.’

rail-bookers, German Language Coach

W. Cabral, Managing Partner – Appleby, London
‘I had to travel to Germany and had not spoken German for many years. Before going, I took a two weeks intensive course with German Language Coach. My spoken German was a big success, and I was very pleased with the result.’

appleby, German Language Coach

T. Scuoler CBE – CEO – EEF, London
‘I have worked with German Language Coach for several years. The professionalism and quality of the teaching has been superb and enabled me to reach a high level of fluency allowing me to engage regularly in senior level meetings with confidence.’

E. Bird – Navigant Consulting, London
‘My colleague and I took a short language course to refresh our business German. The teacher was extremely professional, the lessons have been fantastic and we learnt a great deal. We would certainly make use of the service again if the need arises.’

navigant, German Language Coach

M. Tillyer, IT Manager – Tchibo UK Ltd, London
‘Being responsible for IT Systems in both the UK and Germany, I contacted German Language Coach to improve my German and had regular tuition at my office with one of their tutors. We reviewed my grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading and comprehension. I was given regular homework and the German Course proved beneficial and useful in improving my German. Overall it was a very recommendable experience!’

tchibo, German Language Coach

P. Robb, Associate Director – Hypo Real Estate Bank International AG, London
‘I participated in a one week Intensive German Course with German Language Coach and found it extremely beneficial and worthwhile. The Native German Tutor was committed and patient. The course has improved my German comprehension and increased my confidence when speaking German.’

hypo, German Language Coach

D. Naylor, Chief Executive – Eleco plc, London
‘I manage two businesses in Germany and needed to improve my German. Learning with the German Language Coach is highly personalised, sympathetic to business priorities and ultimately a highly rewarding experience.’

elco, German Language Coach

N. Taylor, Managing Director, Retail and Consumer Products Division – Gordon Brothers International, London
‘German Language Coach delivers first-class language lessons. Apart from language training, we also receive an insight into German business culture and the country.’

gordon, German Language Coach

P. Dunphy, Chief Executive, Darwin Rhodes Group, London
‘Having plans to expand Darwin Rhodes into Europe, I enlisted the help of German Language Coach to improve my business German. The firm provides excellent German tuition at my office on a weekly basis. The tutor is motivated, patient and lessons are structured around interesting and relevant topics.’

darwin, German Language Coach

D. Reid, Commercial Director, Ingenious Media, London
‘I greatly enjoy my lessons with German Language Coach. Their lessons are structured towards my needs and cover reading, writing, speaking, comprehension and grammar. My German has greatly improved, overall a recommendable experience.’

ingenious, German Language Coach

S. Morris, Director of Marketing & Spa Development, Aspria
‘I want to thank you for your patience and enthusiasm over the time I have been learning German and I won’t hesitate to recommend German Language Coach to anyone looking to learn German.’

aspria, German Language Coach
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