Learn German online during lockdown

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Many countries are still in lockdown and many people are working from home with plenty of extra time at their hands. That’s an extra 90 minutes a day in London if a one-way commute takes 45 minutes. Multiplied by 5 working days and, voilà, there are 7.5 hours every week that need filling.

After the economy gets restarted, there may be fewer jobs around. More applicants may be vieing for available vacancies. Anyone who has made use of their time wisely and improved their skills is probably ahead of the competition.

Learning German online is one of the many ways to up-skill. German is the most sought after foreign language by UK employers subsequently bringing about a high demand for an online German tutor.

There is a network of excellent German tutors worldwide offering their services. But where would you want your tutor to be based? Is their location even relevant? A German tutor living in the same timezone helps. After all, you don’t want to sit in front of your computer screen at night because your German tutor works in America. The same goes for tutors located hours ahead of your own time zone.

Maybe you are looking for a German tutor that has experience in teaching German to speakers of your own mother tongue? They will be able to draw parallels between your mother tongue and the German language, understand differences between your own culture and the German culture. This can be very helpful too and its benefits are not to be underestimated. Should you live in the UK then it may be best to choose a German tutor who understands the subtleties of English English and the culture you’ve grown up in.

Plus you want a tutor with a proven track record in delivering a structured online German course. Those native speaking German tutors you’ll often find closer to home than you think. That makes learning German online all the easier.

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