Corporate German Lessons

In-Company German Language Training

In-company language training, Corporate German Language Training

We deliver in-person German language learning at your London office. Our training is structured to your business objectives and is led by native-speaking German tutors with a teaching experience across most industries.

German language training is a small investment that provides a quick return: Understanding the German business culture helps your business forge longer-lasting relationships and gives your business a competitive advantage. German-speaking employees are an asset to your company and improve customer experience. Investing in your employees’ language skills also increases their retention rate.

A thorough German-language assessment is part of our onboarding process so that everyone learns at their appropriate language level. Our tutors set targeted goals, encourage self-study between German lessons, and provide regular reports to measure progress.

Clients benefiting from our German language training are start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, listed companies, foreign missions and central government departments.

In-person learning is two times faster than online learning and thus provides a much better return on investment.

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