Why learning German is so worthwhile

The British don’t have the best reputation for proficient speakers of foreign languages. Changes to school curriculums are attempting to remedy this situation and prevent future generations from being thought “lazy” by the rest of Europe because so many of us don’t take the trouble to learn a second language. But is it too late for the rest of us?

The answer is that it’s never too late to start learning a foreign language. Suppose you’re prepared to put in a little effort. In that case, it is gratifying when you find you’re able to grasp the gist of a conversation which would once have been unintelligible or to understand an article online without having to resort to sub-standard automatic translation tools.

But is it, in fact, worth learning a foreign language when English is so widely spoken? Indeed, it is because it will allow you to communicate on equal terms with those you meet, rather than relying on their excellent education or good nature to converse with you in English.

So now we’ve established that you can and should learn a foreign language, which one should you choose? German is spoken by more people in the European Union than any other language, being an official language not only in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, parts of Italy, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. So if you’re looking to do business on the continent, it’s the obvious choice.

Why not start with one of our learning options, which includes intensive courses and private lessons with native German tutors? They will give you the best possible grounding in your new language and leave you with no doubt that it certainly is worthwhile learning German.

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