Which London businesses engage a German Tutor?

Which London businesses engage a German Tutor? German Language Coach

London businesses find that having German-speaking staff generates more success when transacting in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. You may wonder what type of companies engage the services of a German tutor in London.

There probably aren’t many industries that German Language Coach has not taught.

Which industry needs German language talent?

Many of our German learners work for asset managers and banks. They are required to speak German to deal with investors and when managing or analysing assets in Germany. Oil and Gas companies have also facilitated German lessons for their staff—the renewable energy sector and construction and construction management companies with building projects in German-speaking Europe. 

A company building and managing hotels expanded into Germany. Their Berlin architects happily spoke English, whereas their Hamburg architects insisted on speaking German, which required teaching much specialist vocabulary.

German courses with a fast ROI

The advertising industry, consulting firms and management consultants often have projects that require employees to speak German. We’ve also taught German at film production companies making television adverts for the German-speaking market. London television companies utilise our German tutors for elocution lessons.

Online businesses expand into Germany, and their sales staff often need to speak German. Manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, software businesses, and recruitment firms also prefer their business development staff to be able to speak German and understand the German business culture. These companies often see a rapid return on their investment in a German course.

The German insurance industry is also quite significant, with many having a presence in London. Germans’ direct reports often have to learn German to understand the country’s culture better. 

Sovereign wealth funds with offices in London often benefit from engaging a German tutor when transacting in Europe, as do hedge funds, private equity companies, and investment banks. 

Many London-based patent attorneys speak German with the European Patent Office and want to improve their language skills for hearings in Munich. Law firms engage our German tutors in London to build long-lasting relationships with their German clients.

Foreign missions in London had also engaged our German tutors before diplomats relocated to Germany. We’ve taught German at a faith-based charitable foundation that provides grants to many organisations in Germany and Eastern Europe. There’s quite a bit of lobbying going on beyond the borders of this country that sees lobbyists also learning German.

Commodity and stock exchanges have German lessons, as have accountancy firms, cosmetic companies, online retailers, information/data/news service providers, the arts and music industry, the travel industry, publishers and newspapers. 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight. Most likely, I have missed some of the industries we have taught German, and I am curious to learn which business enquires about our German language tuition next.

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