German courses in London

German courses in London German Language Coach

When deciding on a German course, determine the goals of your German learning first. The reasons are manifold, with some learning German to use in business, to speak to friends or family, for cultural reasons, to read German philosophers, or to pass the language bar for a German visa or passport application. 

Do you speak German already?

Before starting any of our German courses in London or online, we ask students with prior knowledge of German to complete an assessment that measures their German language level per the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). This framework organises language proficiency in six levels, A1 to C2 and groups these into three general levels: basic, independent and proficient, which can then be further subdivided. This free-of-charge assessment gives us a good idea of how much German you know and is a good refresher for you before starting your German course. Incidentally, any foreign language skill can be measured using this framework.

New to the German language?

Students with no prior knowledge usually start on an A1 intensive German course developed by Routledge and adapted to their goals and aptitude. This intensive course offers fast progress that allows you to make yourself understood in any German-speaking country after about two months. Others may start at level A2 or B1 to build on their previous German studies. You can progress on the CEFR track and ‘graduate’ at your desired level. For example, level B1 is required to pass the German language exam for a citizen application. Level B2 or C1 may be required to enrol at a university in Germany with lectures in German.

Need Business German?

A more bespoke curriculum may be desirable if you need to speak German for work. We have taught these German courses in London for many years, and their syllabi vary depending on industry and profession. These courses are also tailored towards your level, progress and aptitude and can involve our German tutors preparing you for presentations, pitches or speeches in German. These courses are not geared towards an examen; here, the proof is in the pudding!

Conversational German

If you want to converse with friends and family, following the CEFR along general lines with an adaptation of the course to align with your progress and aptitude would be recommended. Here the proof is also in the pudding when conversing with your in-laws.

Other specialised courses are for learners interested in German history, music, or philosophy and require an altogether different curriculum which our German tutors are happy to arrange.

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