Minority Languages in Germany

Germany is home to many minority languages still spoken by different ethnic communities across the country. These languages are an important part of Germany’s cultural heritage and identity. While German is the official language, minority languages are still spoken by various communities. Low German or Plattdeutsch Low German, also known as Plattdeutsch, is a West […]

German Inventions

Many world-changing innovations originated in Germany, some widely known but others less so. The printing press Most of us take books for granted, but in the mid-fifteenth century Johannes Gutenberg, a craftsman from Mainz, developed the movable type printing system and an oil-based ink enabling books to be produced in large quantities. The car Several […]

Cologne Carnival

The English often considers Germans relatively staid people; efficient, punctual, officious, meticulous, but devoid of humour and party spirit. However, if you attended one of the German festivals, you would soon realise that they certainly know how to party! One of the most significant events is the Kölner Karneval which ranks alongside Rio de Janeiro […]


If you’re a World Cup fan, you’ll inevitably have seen, or at least heard of, Germany’s epic opening match where they walked away from Portugal with a 4-0 win. Hooray for Deutschland! To offer her congratulations in person, German Chancellor Angela Merkel travelled across the globe to Brazil to watch the match for herself and […]

British Expats in Germany

Over the years, Germany has had a large British expatriate community, mainly through military personnel stationed there since 1945. Then, there was an influx of British builders & workers in the seventies and eighties who came to work in Germany – immortalised in the television series Auf Wiedersehen Pet! However, they did not settle permanently but returned […]

Study in Germany

Suppose you’re currently honing your German language skills with our Private German Lessons or undertaking another form of German study to take up one of the many excellent opportunities for higher education in Germany. In that case, you will undoubtedly have many questions regarding the level of teaching you can expect and the steps you […]

German Industries

As we mentioned in our previous blog, Germany has a thriving job market. However, it also has an ageing population, leading to shortages of workers in some key sectors. This ageing population is partly responsible for shortfalls in the healthcare sector. Current figures suggest that Germany needs 5,000 additional doctors; it also urgently requires nursing […]

Das Oktoberfest

One of the most famous gems of German culture known worldwide is the Oktoberfest, a 16-day festival celebrating beer annually in Munich, Bavaria. The name suggests that it takes place in October, although nowadays, this is only partly true. It begins in September, having been brought forward to benefit from better weather conditions. This year will see the 180th festival will start on […]