Vocational training in Germany

German Language Coach; dual vocational trainingOne of the most effective ways of training for a trade in Germany is by completing a vocational training programme. Germany has developed a system which provides an excellent balance between theoretical and practical training and hands-on work experience. Known as dual vocational training, it is a course of study typically lasting between two and three and a half years where the student attends a school known as a Berufsschule part-time to acquire the theoretical training they need. The remainder of their time is spent working at a company where they can complement their learning with invaluable hands-on experience. In this way, they gain a real insight into their chosen profession, enabling them to make an informed decision as to whether it’s the right one for them.

This type of training is incredibly popular in Germany, with around two thirds of school leavers embarking on dual vocational training. Apart from the unique learning opportunities on offer, students on dual vocational training programmes also receive a monthly salary from the company they work for which rises with each year of training they complete. It is therefore a very practical system, allowing students to support themselves financially throughout their studies.

Germany has around 330 officially recognised dual vocational training programmes in a wide variety of fields, and job prospects for students completing these programmes are very good indeed.

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