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German Language Coach; German IndustriesAs we mentioned in our previous blog, Germany has a thriving job market. However, it also has an ageing population which has led to shortages of workers in some key sectors. It’s this ageing population which is partly responsible for shortfalls in the healthcare sector. Current figures suggest that Germany needs 5,000 additional doctors; it also urgently requires nursing professionals to meet the growing demand if it is to avoid the crisis that is looming in the healthcare sector.
Despite Germany’s excellent vocational training, skilled foreign workers are also much in demand in many other leading industries. Germany prides itself on being at the forefront of innovations in technology and engineering. In order to sustain its place as a global leader in these markets, Germany is in search of international talent to add to its home-grown skills. Prospects for IT professionals are excellent, as are those of qualified engineers in a wide range of disciplines ranging from automotive and aerospace to electronics and optics.
If your particular skills lie elsewhere, they may still have a home in Germany. SMEs form the backbone of the German economy, accounting for more than 99% of German companies, providing over 60% of all jobs and contributing a large portion of the country’s economic output. The Mittelstand, as it’s known, values long-term relationships with its employees as well as its customers and suppliers, and offers a huge range of career opportunities. It’s projected that it will provide 250,000 new jobs in 2014, many of which could go to qualified foreign professionals.
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