Germany – most positively rated

Germany - most positively rated German Language Coach

An annual survey conducted by Globescan on behalf of the BBC World Service has shown that Germany is the most positively rated country globally.

In 2014, in the 10th consecutive Country Ratings Poll, over 24,000 people in 25 countries were asked if they felt the sixteen countries included. The European Union had a “mainly positive” or “mainly negative” influence on the world. Germany came top for the second year running with 60 per cent.

Surprisingly Canada, which is not considered to have much influence, came second again. The UK showed the biggest increase in popularity but remained in third place. The USA and Russia saw the biggest falls in their ratings, and the EU dropped. North Korea, Pakistan and Iran were the bottom three once again.

People were not allowed to rate their own country, so all positive feelings came from outside Germany. Within the EU, the UK, France and Spain gave Germany the most positive ratings while, understandably, the Greeks generally felt Germany negatively influenced their financial crisis.

The findings confirm Germany’s status as the powerhouse of Europe and show that the current government’s foreign policy is gaining increased respect on the world stage.

Output from the German manufacturing industry has also increased, with orders having risen by 4.2 per cent at the end of last year. They are considered a strong trading partner worldwide, especially in the UK.

With the feel-good factor in Germany and the early signs of economic recovery, it is no surprise that inbound migration has increased as people, particularly in Eastern Europe, see a higher standard of living and the possibility of better opportunities.

While many business people in Germany can speak English, trading with German companies is far more professional if you can communicate in their native language, and you will gain added respect. You can now learn German in the City of London without leaving your office.

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