Willkommen in Deutschland

Willkommen in Deutschland German Language Coach

More students are choosing to further their education in Germany, and they are welcomed with open arms. With low or, in some cases, no tuition fees and many universities located in attractive towns or vibrant cities, it is no surprise that Germany has become more popular among international students.

This shows that the enormous effort by the German Ministry of Education to improve the standards of the universities, particularly in the fields of science and research, is paying off and attracting more foreigners. Many believe that the kudos of a degree from a German university will improve their job opportunities, especially within the European market.

The standard of life for a student can be better in Germany with the cheap tuition fees, a relatively low cost of living and without having a huge student loan hanging over you when you finish, as is the case in the UK.

Universities in Germany teach degree courses in English in German. Still, while you can also choose to learn the German language there, it would be far more beneficial for you to grasp the native language before you go, which may enable you to find work, cope with Germany’s infamous bureaucracy, make local friends and further immerse yourself in ‘real life’ rather than staying on the periphery like an education tourist.

Not surprisingly, many students who make an effort to fully experience the lifestyle and culture that Germany offers to stay in the country for at least a period after finishing their education, if not for good.

But it’s not only students who want to be able to work in the hub of the Eurozone. You may have left your education far behind and settled into your career. Still, it’s not too late to have the benefit of learning another language, and you can learn German in the City of London without having to leave your home or office.

Being able to communicate both verbally and in writing with your counterparts in Germany will gain you additional respect and help to overcome the reputation that the English are lazy when it comes to speaking another language.

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