The uniqueness of Swiss German

Communicating in Switzerland presents unique challenges. Among other things, Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. The largest language group, accounting for more than 60% of the Swiss population, is German. However, the German spoken in Switzerland differs in several ways from the standard German spoken in Germany or Austria. There are […]

A day in the life of a London German Tutor

Preparation on both parts is critical in making or breaking a successful German lesson. My lesson planning may involve following the syllabus of a course book or bespoke learning material, correcting homework, reading a piece on economics or simply keeping up to date on current affairs. A healthy interest in politics and the economy makes […]

Living in Germany post-Brexit

Since Brexit happened and everything has been firmed up, UK nationals who live in Germany require a residence permit. That process is surprisingly straightforward. Options Studying in Germany is possible and requires a student visa. The same applies to vocational training. You can also apply for a permit to set up a self-employed business or […]

German Expatriates in London

Almost 40,000 Germans are living in London. More than Winston Churchill would ever have envisaged. In contrast to other nationalities, Germans living in London keep a low profile; they do not dominate the high street with schnitzel restaurants or sausage shops. Instead of finances permitting, many young professionals opt to live in Wimbledon, Chelsea, Kensington, Highgate, […]

German Business Partners

Germans are proud of ”made in Germany” as a synonym for quality and reliability. In business meetings, Germans are relatively formal, detail-oriented and direct. They tend to say exactly what they want and mean. They are decision-making and problem-solving oriented, although these processes can take quite some time to complete, especially considering some German companies’ […]

Business etiquette in Germany

I often get asked during German lessons what the proper business etiquette in Germany is. Here is a little synopsis about meeting German business partners for the first time: When meeting with business partners for the first time, ensure you are on time, dressed appropriately and armed with ample business cards. Your business partner will probably […]