Minority Languages in Germany

The general view is that in Germany people only speak German. Not directly related to learning German but an interesting aspect of German culture are Germany’s minority languages, three of which recently gained protected status: the Danish language, the North Frisian language and Low German in the State of Schleswig Holstein. Probably the most well […]

Living in Germany post Brexit

Since Brexit happened and everything has been firmed up, UK nationals wanting to live in Germany require a residence permit. That process is surprisingly easy and straight forward: studying in Germany is possible and simply requires a student visa, the same applies for vocational training. If you would like to set up a business, either […]

Increase in German Manufacturing

There have already been signs of growth in German manufacturing and this could now get a boost from a proposed EU – US trade agreement. This makes it a great time to increase trade with Germany and learning German here in London would give you a definite advantage in this respect. The Transatlantic Trade and […]

Willkommen in Deutschland

More students than ever before are choosing to further their education in Germany and they are being welcomed with open arms. With low or, in some cases, no tuition fees and many of the universities located in attractive towns or vibrant cities it is no surprise that Germany has become more popular among foreign students. […]


If you’re a World Cup fan, you’ll inevitably have seen, or at least heard of, Germany’s epic opening match where they walked away from Portugal with a 4-0 win. Hooray for Deutschland! To offer her congratulations in person, German Chancellor Angela Merkel travelled across the globe to Brazil to watch the match for herself and […]

Funding your studies in Germany

Last week we looked at some of the benefits and practicalities of studying in Germany, however one of the most important considerations for many people is how they will support themselves financially whilst they continue their education. Though most German universities do not charge tuition fees, there are still living costs to be planned for, […]

English in the German Language

In our previous blog we have been looking at German words used in English and now we would like to introduce you to English words used in the German language. The German language uses English words because it isn’t always easy to find a suitable German equivalent. The loaning of words eases communication and makes […]

False friends in German

Germans are loyal and trustworthy folks. However, there are some false friends in the German language that may confuse the English speaker or his mind. If the German finance minister says that 2 Billionen Euros are sufficient to bail out Greece, then he’s got his figures right because he actually means two trillion. A billion […]

Position of the finite verb

During my German lessons, I see many of my students placing the finite verb in 3rd position, as they would do in their mother tongue. In German however, the basic rule to remember about word order in simple sentences or main clauses is that the finite (conjugated) verb is always the ‘second idea’. The finite […]

German Business Partners

Germans are proud of ”made in Germany” as a synonym for quality and reliability. In business meetings, Germans are rather formal, detail-oriented and direct. They tend to say exactly what they want and mean. They are decision making and problem solving oriented, although these processes can take quite some time to complete, especially considering the […]

Business etiquette in Germany

I often get asked during German lessons what the right business etiquette in Germany is. Here a little synopsis about meeting German business partners for the first time: When meeting with business partners for the first time in person, make sure you are on time, dressed appropriately and armed with ample business cards. Your business […]

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