The new Duden has been published

The new Duden has been published German Language Coach

The Duden is the authoritative source for correct spelling, grammar and pronunciation in German. It is what the Oxford English Dictionary is to English.

It was first published in 1880, comprising 27,000 entries. The latest 27th edition has just been published with 145,000 entries, 5,000 more than in the previous.

New words are mainly loan words from English that do not have a German equivalent and political terms. There have also been some changes to German Orthography; for instance, the capital letter for ß has been introduced.

Here are a few nouns from English that have made it into German: die Fake News, der Brexit, der Selfie, der Selfiestick, der Social Bot, das Emoji, die Work-Life-Balance, Low Carb, das Tablet, then there are new verbs: liken, facebooken (all regular), and adjective: pixelig

Do you know any other new words that have made into the Duden?

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