Learning German on a business trip

If you’ve taken a German language course to improve your business German, a trip to the country to meet clients or colleagues is a great chance to improve your language skills.

Learning German vocabulary

Once all the business is done for the day, there’s the temptation to stay in your hotel and relax. This isn’t the best way to make the most of your time. Head out of the hotel and explore the local area.

Taking in a city’s culture can help improve your language skills. This might be as simple as keeping your thoughts on vocabulary as you walk past the Kirche, Rathaus and Schloss.

Speaking German with the locals

If you are on your own in Germany, perhaps talk to the other business people you are meeting. You’ll probably find that some of them are more than willing to show you around. This is an excellent chance to work on the conversational skills learnt in your German language course. It’s also a perfect opportunity to have some fun.

Speaking German in a restaurant

Even if you head out for dinner on your own, it’s a great way to test even the most basic German language skills. Most German language courses will cover ordering in restaurants. Perhaps go somewhere traditional and sample authentic German cuisine.

Listening to people speak German

You don’t need to seek out places to speak German to get more of a feel for the language. Simply being around people can help improve your listening skills and perhaps learn more conversational and informal aspects of the language. Visit the hotel bar or a restaurant or spend some more time with your German-speaking colleagues.

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