In-person German language learning

With offices returning to almost normality in London, in-person German language lessons are back on the agenda for many businesses. We have all spent the last 19 months online, our eyes watery and kaput, with patience wearing thin. Why would you not want in-person language training with a German tutor delivering lessons at your office? With structured face-to-face learning, you are less likely to be distracted by emails, tweets and WhatsApp messages. You also immerse yourself better in the language and benefit from improved retention. A natural learning environment allows you to be better understood; you better understand nuances in German pronunciation too. Then there is, of course, the personal interaction – German small talk, body language, and social interaction. Let’s hope face-to-face learning is here to stay, and we can reserve remote learning for the days when we are working from home or have other commitments.

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