Double ‘s’ or ‘ß’ you may wonder?

Double 's' or 'ß' you may wonder? German Language Coach

During your German studies, you have come across the letter ‘ß’ which your German teacher calls SZ or sharp S. The letter was introduced in 1903 because the double S in Roman typography looked similar to SZ in old German typography. It came out of fashion in Switzerland but is still used in Standard German typography to this day. ß did not exist as a capital letter, but a capital ß was recently introduced. ß stands after long vowels and diphthongs and, contrary to belief, is not simply replaceable with double S. You may have wondered how to type ß on your computer when typing up your homework for your German language course: on an Apple Mac computer, hold down the S-Key on your keyboard and select 1, same applies to iOS. On a Windows computer, hold down the ALT key and type 225.

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