Online German Lessons

German Language Coach

Online German lessons are ideal for learners working from home, living remotely or temporarily cannot attend their place of work.

Our German lessons are provided online from 8 am – 8 pm GMT (CET -1h) by London based native German speaking tutors.

We use Skype, ZoomRoom, WebEx or Google Hangouts. That allows the tutor and student to exchange notes, files and learning material. Lessons start anytime throughout the year and timings can be flexible from week to week.

Online lessons include speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary built up.

Suitable at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, progress is fast with a syllabus tailored towards the students’ current level, aims and industry/profession.

As with private lessons, we recommend two 90 minute online lessons a week with sufficient time for self study inbetween lessons.