Intensive German Courses

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Intensive German courses are taught at offices and homes. Most beneficial to learners exposed to the German language immediately upon completion of the course, they offer fast progress and are tailored towards level, aims, progress and industry.

If you are planning to spend longer periods of time in Germany by moving or working there, or if you are attending an interview that is to be held in German, then this course is for you. Courses are suited for beginners and as well as those wishing to refresh their German.

Intensive German courses are designed for one or two learners with the same level of German. Your course can last from one day to five days or longer. This can be arranged to include weekends. Each day is planned to include three 2 hour and one 1.5 hour modules.

The syllabus of your course will be carefully structured towards your learning objectives, with your tutor thoroughly assessing your level and aptitude. Progress will be monitored and the course can easily be adjusted throughout, offering the best possible opportunity for the learner to become fluent and confident.

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